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If you are looking for UPPCS J Mains syllabus, either you have already passed the Pre Exam or you are preparing quite in advance. We wish you all the best!

This article features everything you need to know about the Mains syllabus.

In our syllabus articles, we first show the Exam pattern.

Then, we layout the complete syllabus.

In the end, you will be able to download the syllabus in Hindi and English.

Sounds good? Let us start now!

Chapter 1: What is UPPCS J Mains Exam?

Government of UP appoints judges through the UPPCS (Judicial) Exam. UPPSC conducts the exam on behalf of the Government.

The exam is held in 3 phases; Prelims, Mains & Interview. The main exam are commonly called the UPPCS J Mains Exam.

On qualifying the Pre Exam, you will be entitled to appear in the Mains.

The Mains exam has more papers and longer duration. More than that, you will compete with more serious candidates here. Therefore, we need a smart preparation to succeed ! (Got nervous? Don’t worry! We have published an exclusive preparation guide for you. You will find lots of secrets that even worked for the toppers! All the best.)

For a smarter approach, we will first understand the exam pattern. Then, we will start with the syllabus.

Chapter 2: UPPCS J Mains Exam pattern

There are 5 papers;

  • Paper I: General Knowledge
  • Paper II: Language
  • Paper III: Law I (Substantive Law)
  • Paper IV: Law II (Procedure & Evidence)
  • Paper V: Law III (Penal, Revenue & Local Laws)

Here is the overall exam pattern;

UPPCS J Mains Syllabus
UPPCS J Mains Syllabus

This is all we need to know about the Exam Pattern now. Better we move on to the syllabus.

Chapter 3: UPPCS J Mains Syllabus

Down below, we have laid out the syllabus in Hindi and English. Interested candidates can find the Prelims syllabus in a separate article.

Let’s start with Hindi. Directly rollover to the English, if you want!

3.1 UPPCS J Mains Syllabus in Hindi

3.1.1 प्रथमपत्र: सामान्य ज्ञान

  • भारत का इतिहास, भारतीय स्वाधीनता आंदोलन
  • भारतीय संस्कृति
  • भारत का भूगोल
  • भारतीय राजनीति
  • वर्तमान राष्ट्रीय मुद्दे
  • सामाजिक प्रासंगिकता के विषय
  • भारत और विश्व
  • भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था
  • अंतरराष्ट्रीय मामले
  • संस्थानों और
  • विज्ञान और प्रौद्योगिकी, संचार और अंतरिक्ष आदि में विकास

3.1.2 द्वितीय पत्र: भाषा

  • अंग्रेजी में निबंध – ६० अंक
  • अंग्रेजी में संक्षेपण – ६० अंक
  • हिन्दी का अंग्रेजी में अनुबाद – ४० अंक
  • अंग्रेजी का हिन्दी में अनुबाद – ४० अंक

3.1.3 तृतीयपत्र: कानुन१ (मूल कानून)

  • संवैधानिक विधि
  • हिन्दू बिधि
  • मुसलिम बिधि
  • भारतीय न्यास अधिनियम और विनिर्दिष्ट अनुतोष अधिनियम
  • सुखाधिकर अधिनियम और अपकृत्य
  • भारतीय संविदा अधिनियम
  • भागीदारी अधिनियम
  • साम्य बिधि
  • संपत्ति अंतरण अधिनियम

3.1.4 चतुर्थपत्र: कानुन२ (साक्ष्य और प्रतिक्रियात्मक बिधि)

  • सिविल प्रक्रिया संहिता
  • गबाह और साक्ष्य
  • आरोप और आरोप की अंतर्वस्तु
  • व्यावहारिक मामले (प्रैक्टिकल मैटर्स)
  • अभिबचन का सिद्धान्त और उपधारणाओं
  • मामलों का संचालन
  • दंड प्रक्रिया संहिता
  • साक्ष्य बिधि और कानून
  • निर्णय लेखन

3.1.5 पंचमपत्र: कानुन३ (दंड, राजस्वऔरसिबिलबिधियाँ)

  • भारतीय दंड संहिता
  • उत्तरप्रदेश UPZALR बिधि और भूमि सुधार अधिनियम १९५१
  • होल्डिंग्स का समेकन अधिनियम, उत्तरप्रदेश १९५३
  • पंचायती राज अधिनियम उत्तरप्रदेश
  • उत्तर प्रदेश शहरी भवन अधिनियम १९७२
  • उत्तरप्रदेश नगरपालिका बिधि
  • उत्तरप्रदेश नगर नियोजन और बिकास अधिनियम

We are the first to feature this syllabus in Hindi! Once again, thanks for your requests. Please feel free to comment whenever you need ANYTHING!

3.2 UPPCS J Mains Syllabus in English

3.2.1 Paper I – General Knowledge

  • History of India, Indian National Movement
  • Indian Culture
  • Geography of India
  • Indian Polity
  • Current National Issues
  • Topics of Social relevance
  • India and the World
  • Indian Economy
  • International Affairs
  • Institutions and
  • Development in the field of Science & Technology, Communications & Space

3.2.2 Paper II – Language

  • Essay in English – 60 marks
  • English Precis Writing – 60 marks
  • Hindi to English Translation – 40 marks
  • English to Hindi Translation – 40 marks

3.2.3 Paper III – Law I (Substantive Law)

  • Constitutional Law
  • Hindu Law
  • Mohammedan Law
  • Law of trust and specific relief
  • Law concerning easements and torts
  • Law of Contracts
  • Law of Partnership
  • Law relating to the principles of equity
  • Law relating to transfer of property

3.2.4 Paper IV – Law II (Procedure & Evidence)

  • Code of Civil Procedure
  • Evidence of witnesses
  • Framing of charges
  • Practical matters
  • Principles of pleading
  • Conduct of cases
  • Criminal Procedure Code
  • Law of Evidence
  • Writing of judgment

3.2.5 Paper V – Law III (Penal, Revenue & Local Laws)

  • Indian Penal Code
  • Uttar Pradesh Zamindari Abolition & Land reforms Act 1951
  • U.P. Consolidation of Holdings Act, 1953
  • U.P. Panchayat Raj Act
  • Uttar Pradesh Urban Buildings (Regulation of Letting, Rent and Eviction) Act, 1972
  • Uttar Pradesh Municipalities Act
  • Uttar Pradesh Urban (Planning and Development) Act 1973

You can also download your copies in Hindi and English.

Don’t forget to visit the  previous papers section and download the available question papers for more insight.

Being a judicial member is always prestigious. The job profile is very rewarding and comes with lots of promotion opportunities. Be very thorough in the preparation.

With this, we shall close our discussion on the UPPCS j Mains Syllabus.

Wish you the best of luck again!

PS– The notification is due to be published soon in the UPPSC portal. Please check upcoming Notification for further details!

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