UPPCS Civil Judge Salary, Training & Promotion in 2021; With Secret tips for fastest pay-hike

Today we will discuss the Civil judge Salary, probation, training, transfer, responsibilities and career path after UPPSC. This article features everything you need to know about the job.

Judiciaries reserve the highest respect in society. The salary is also handsome. But there are secret ways you can hike your pay very soon.

Want to know how? Keep reading!

Chapter 1: UPPSC Judicial Magistrate & Civil Judge Salary

Though we mentioned only Civil judge Salary in the title, this article also applies to Judicial magistrates.

UPPCS appoints judges at level 9 service category; grade pay Rs. 56,100/-.

At level 9, you get a gross salary of around Rs. 70,000/-. From this, NPS is deducted, and take-home pay comes about Rs. 65,000/-.

Components include Basic+ DA (17% in UP) + Other allowances. 

But there is a trick you can increase your salary very soon! Pass LLM and your grade pay increases to Rs. 61,300/-. This way, your gross immediately becomes around Rs. 76,000/- and take-home pay reaches Rs. 70,000/-. The sooner you pass LLM, the better it is for you.

UPPSC Civil Judge Salary
UPPSC Civil Judge Salary

Otherwise, no hike is offered during training.

Chapter 2: Facilities & Perks

Salary aside, the facilities are overwhelming. Down below are the facilities offered to a junior member;

  • Accommodation
  • Travel Allowance
  • Electricity Bill
  • Phone Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Car Facility
  • Vehicle Maintenance

Not all are granted during training. But the entire list becomes available as soon as your service is confirmed. Wow!

Chapter 3: UPPSC Judicial member training

As a new member, you have to undergo a diverse training program that spans about two years;

15 daysYou will be placed in a court where your main job will be to sit in the Record room and study cases.
45 daysYou will sit in the court audience and witness court proceedings.
3 monthsYou will be trained by several law professors, former judges and renowned lawyers at JTRI (Judicial Training and Research Institute), Lucknow. This is phase I training at JTRI.
6-7 months You will return to your home court and assist a senior judiciary member.
3 monthsYou will revisit JTRI for phase 2 training.
9 monthsYou will start presiding cases on your own.
UPPSS Civil judge Salary – Probation period

Your service is usually confirmed within two years. But that depends on the vacancy.

Chapter 4: Responsibility & Promotion

UPPSC Civil Judge Career
UPPSC Civil Judge Salary- Career Path

You will first join as an Additional Civil Judge (Junior Division) or the Judicial Magistrate. These are parallel posts. But their jurisdictions differ. Civil Judges deal with Civil cases, whereas Judicial Magistrates look after criminal cases.

An additional Civil Judge (Junior Division) is promoted to the Additional Civil Judge (Senior Division) post a Judicial Magistrates is promoted as the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate (ACJM).

In the next promotion, they both become the Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM). From this post, there is no distinction. You will have both civil and criminal cases assigned to you.

Next, you are promoted as the Additional District and Session Judge.

The final promotion is to the post of the District and Session Judge post. The age for retirement is 60.

Depending on performance, some District and Session Judges are inducted in High Court. In that case, you will retire at 62.

Chapter 5: Transfer during service

There are a lot of transfers in this job.

In typical cases, the transfer happens within three years. However, this may be extended in exceptional cases.

But these transfers always happen in urban areas and wherever you go, you will get to enjoy the best government facilities.

You can see how our government values its judiciaries! Prepare wisely.

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Anyway, it’s time to conclude our discussion on the UPPCS Judicial magistrate & civil judge salary. Feel free comment if you want ANYTHING further.

All the best!

PS– The Notification is due to be published soon in the UPPSC portal. Please check the upcoming Notification for further details!

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